Altibase is the pioneer of In-Memory databases


Over 20 years of Experience in In-Memory DBMSs


Altibase now has the richest installation base in the world with over 550 global enterprise clients and thousands of mission critical deployments.


Altibase realized from the beginning that In-Memory database was the only way to future-proof businesses.

Altibase did not chase what was hot, but in stark contrast invented it.



Altibase is the only In-Memory database provider in the world to offer absolute ACID compliance with a rich set of features and extensive ecosystem

How Does Altibase Compare to Other Database Vendors?


While ALTIBASE HDB provides most of the functions/features that traditional on-disk DBMSs have, it has its own unique advantage: ALTIBASE HDB combines an In-Memory database and an on-disk database in a single database so that it provides the speed of In-Memory and the storage of on-disk from one database engine. In comparison to other In-Memory DBMSs, ALTIBASE HDB does not require additional investment for on-disk databases for large volumes of data storage, resulting in lower TCO.



What are the benefits of ALTIBASE HDB’s hybrid architecture?


Working in a true hybrid environment provides significant benefits over bundling two separate DBMSs. ALTIBASE HDB’s true hybrid engine controls both In-Memory and on-disk storage systems via one single unified, streamlined engine. This allows an application engineer to take advantage of the speed of In-Memory and the storage of on-disk from one database engine in one location. The importance of this cannot be understated: one location means that there is no abstraction layer to make the DBMSs communicate with one another, reducing transaction overhead and eliminating needless coding.



Can I download a trial version?



Yes. Altibase provides a free trial for 90 days. The trial version and manuals can be downloaded from Altibase’s support portal (http://support.altibase.com). The license keys are required in order to install either the free or the perpetual version.