Altibase in São PauloJune 08, 2014

Southpartner client Altibase was recently in São Paulo, introducing the Brazilian market to their innovative database solutions.

The history of Altibase as the pioneer in In-Memory databases and In-Memory computing goes back to 1991 when ETRI, a government research organization in South Korea, embarked on researching the effects of RAM (Random Access Memory) on traditional relational databases (RDBMS). In 1999, Altibase was founded with an MOU between ETRI and Altibase. Since then, Altibase has pioneered In-Memory databases:

  • Altibase now has the richest installation base in the world with over 500 global enterprise clients and thousands of mission critical deployments.
  • Altibase realized from the beginning that In-Memory database was the only way to future-proof businesses. Altibase did not chase what was hot, but in stark contrast invented it.
  • Altibase is the only In-Memory database provider in the world to offer absolute ACID compliance with a rich set of features and extensive ecosystem.
  • Altibase has over 200 employees and a vast global partner and distributor network .
  • Hundreds of Altibase’s employees are solely dedicated to R&D.