Brazil projects 5 Million 5G connections by 2022March 14, 2019

The survey points out that 4G has established itself as the leading mobile technology, with 3G networks serving as the basis for migration. 2G networks are on their way to extinction, and 5G is starting to emerge in 2022 to account for 3% of all global mobile connections and almost 12% of global mobile data traffic.


The trend of explosion of mobile traffic is confirmed by each study published in the market. The scenario that is shown shows an environment with many more users and increase of machine-to-machine devices, generating more and more connections and at a greater speed. In addition, video has driven mobile data traffic around the world, and especially in Brazil. In Brazil, the projection is that there will be five million 5G connections in 2022, accounting for 4.8% of mobile traffic.


The report also shows that, just over 10 years ago, mobile traffic represented 5% of the total. In 2022, it will account for 20%, reaching 930 exabytes per year. That means that in the last five years, traffic has grown 17 times and will grow even more. The study points out that in five years, traffic on mobile networks will almost hit the annual rate of 1 zettabyte. By 2017, according to the VNI, there were 5 billion mobile network users worldwide, and in the next five years that number will increase by 0.5 billion, reaching 5.5 billion users, around 71% of population.


The Mobile Visual Networking Index (VNI) 2019 study further showed that in 2022 there will be another 4 billion IoT connections worldwide. This year, it expects to reach 1.8 billion connections and, next year, reach 2.4 billion. Mobile traffic from M2M modules will increase from 216 MBs per month in 2017 to 448 MBs in 2022, overall.


So-called non-smartphone devices that are not M2M modules will account for 224 MBs per month by 2022, a leap compared to the 50 MBs in 2017. By business verticals, the connected home leads at all, with the highest number of M2M and IoT connections.


Source: Telebrasil