ICT Week Brazil 2014February 17, 2014
Successful entry into the Brazilian market can only be achieved through gaining a good understanding of the key elements of the industry. ICT Week Brazil 2014 offers participating companies a full day ICT Seminar, providing participants with a detailed overview of the general economic situation of Brazil and its prospects for the future, a comprehensive overview of the Brazilian ICT sector and its opportunities, do’s and don'ts of how to enter the Brazilian market including legal aspects, knowledge about import duties and logistical elements, pros and Cons of various entry strategies, case studies and much more.
It also offers participation at Futurecom, the largest and most important telecommunications, IT and internet event in Latin America, networking opportunities with foreign and Brazilian ICT companies, and first hand contact with key personnel from potential customers. Southpartner further arranges individual meetings with potential customers and partners at Southpartner's own business lounge at Futurecom. After the week in Brazil, participants will be in a position to appraise the Brazilian market, and have a better understanding of how to enter it.
The agenda and final content of ICT Week Brazil 2014 is currently being prepared and is subject to changes. Please stay tuned on for updated information.